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Впервые в истории Наша команда разработала технологию строительства CUBY CONSTRUCTION, позволяющую быстро, качественно и дёшево возводить жилые и общественные здания. Для частных жилых зданий Мы создали бренд недвижимости CUBY HOUSE
С CUBY HOUSE покупка и строительство дома перестала быть «делом всей жизни», иметь свой дом теперь стало легко и доступно.
Artificial intelligence, which is the common core of the entire project. It fully adapts to the habits and lifestyle of CUBY owners by memorizing and tuning all life support and security systems. It accepts voice requests f rom the owner and by processing them finds the best of fers from the CUBY ecosystem for house maintenance,ordering products, creating a better atmosphere for people's lives. Over time, the personalized concierge becomes your family member and is activated every time you move to your new CUBY.
The standard functions of a smart home are customized with a neural network, personalized to your habits. Controlling light, temperature, humidity, resource saving systems, the Internet of things, ordering products through online retailers, accepting orders and couriers, using face ID to control couriers in the house, providing security, monitoring vital functions of the owner, calling specialized services. Search for the best proposals for house maintenance and solving everyday problems, complete control of the work done. Contact with the owner anywhere in the world, booking flights, theater and cinema tickets, search and select ion of travel. Control of children and pets. Full integrat ion with Amazon Alexa / Google Home and your smart phone.
The CUBY service system includes a platform for finding the required specialist. CONNECT is a social work environment with a built in geolocation interface and a social rating that allows you to select the nearest certified special ist in the shor test time possible to solve any household tasks. CONNECT also allows specialists in different professions to register, train and certify by CUBY standards absolutely for free, and directly enter into smart contracts with CUBY owners on the best financial conditions for both parties. A certain UBER in the service sector as well as solving everyday problems. Repai ring a tap, a power socket, painting a fence, mowing a lawn, hairblow dry, looking after children, walking a dog will now become easier, safer and more professional than ever.
Marketplace with a set of tools for buying, selling, exchanging, renting, customizing houses already bui lt using CUBY technology, directly without the help of intermediaries. In addition, DIRECT allows you to select a suitable project and a local certified company that will resolve all issues related to the search and acquisition of land, obtaining permits, construction, legal support and commissioning of your CUBY house.
This is a new standard in the consumption of natural resources and care for the planet. We have taken the path of lean consumption, which allows the use of natural resources with maximum savings. In addition to the already standard TESLA SOLAR PANELS and POWER WALL systems, air and gray water recovery systems, heat pumps and solar collectors, we created a unique GREEN reward system. Thanks to this technology, the more economically you spend resources, the more bonuses with a unique code accumulate on your personal account. With the help of these bonuses you can pay for utilities and services of certified specialists in CONNECT working environment. The GREEN reward system is specifically designed so that All members of the CUBY family can minimize their monthly expenses for the resources supplied, electricity, water, natural gas and allow all users to be part of one large financial group that directly buys energy from primary suppliers, bypassing a large number intermediaries and unreasonable financial transactions. Thanks to this, all members of the CUBY community will have the best prices from direct suppliers. The Toyota Lean Manufacturing philosophy is at the head of any CUBY product and is a kind of constitution for our team.
A configurator that allows anyone without the help of expensive specialists to create their dream home, which will become a reality in a short time. In additi on, CREATOR enable sarchitects and developers a round the world to create the irown CUBY project sandsell them through the DIRECT marketplace.
Certification standard for warranty and post-warranty service CUBY house. Also CUBY PRO allows you to refabring your home in exchange for a new one, it helps to preserve the environment and minimizes the damage to nature in the
process of recycling houses.
This program aims to provide underprivileged with quality housing and to give these people a sense of their own home. Received bonuses in the CUBY GREEN system you can send to help people in need of housing. All DREAM's members will participate in the big annual lottery. Each bonus sent to help will be the equivalent of a lottery ticket. At the end of the year, before Christmas, CUBY will conduct a decentralized, independent lottery and determine the winner from the members of the CUBY family. By economizing, you help people and the planet.
Private, targeted investment fund operating on the principle of hared construction. Anyone can invest in an object located in the service system, which is close to him by geolocation, financial and expert characteristics.
CUBY carries a personal guarantee for every dollar invested, quality and construction time. We admit to the system of equity construction only proven suppliers and certified professionals. Even if force majeure circumstances occur during construction, CUBY is guaranteed to fulfill all obligations entered into in the CUBY invest system.
The unique technology of lean construction of public and residential buildings. By deploying a production line right at the construction site and using our technology, you can quickly and economically build any public and residential building up to five floors. Your company will be able to place its employees in a new office in the shortest possible time, provide them with apartments and minimize the costs of long and expensive construction. With the help of CUBY CONSTRUCTION PRO, we can quickly and economically build office and residential buildings, hotels and detached cafes, restaurants, shops and gas stations, any building whose construction requires speed, quality and a minimum budget.
Offer for local companies.
We can offer for you ready-made solutions or develop a project taking into account individual requirements. Also, based on the CUBY CONSTRUCTION technology, we have developed residential villages for pension funds, which include the entire infrastructure and ecosystem of pension houses, but give each of the clients their own house and garden, allow retirees to have places for meetings and common interests, interestingly to spend their leisure time while always be under the supervision of medical professionals who are ready at any moment to promptly provide the necessary assistance. Feeling at
home, daily communication, interest classes, exercise and rehabilitation under the guidance of specialists, safety and care, all these criteria will help residents of the pension villages CUBY to be healthy, cheerful and happy.